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Pottery Starter Kits

Setting up a pottery studio at home can be daunting but very rewarding.

Because I am passionate about the benefits of learning this craft on mental health & creativity, I put together a very economical Starter Kit 

My starter kit will set you off on this wonderful journey, at a sensible price and I will be here to help you along the way.

This kit is available for pre-order.

min kiln.jpg

From £2000 - £3200
The Perfect Starter Kit

Pottery Wheel
Clay Tools
Online Support



The Perfect Starter Kiln
large enough for 9 mugs & 3 plates,
for professional potters it's great as a test kiln & fires to cone 6!
It comes with 3 shelves props gloves and spare elements!

35 amp plug in and go


Raw Clay
glaze set_edited.jpg
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